The Changing World of Online Education

A recent Washington Post report cited statistics gathered by an education research firm that found that enrollment in online university programs jumped from 1.98 million in 2003 to 2.35 million in 2004.

Why Are There More Online College Degrees?

One big reason why you may find it is becoming much easier to take an online class is a law passed by Congress in March. For years, colleges had to offer at least half their courses face-to-face in order for their students to qualify for federal financial aid. But the new law changes all that. Now, schools no longer need to offer half their classes in person–they can offer them all online if they like–and their students can receive federal financial aid. The new law makes it easier for schools, and thereby students, to invest fully in online college degree programs.

Who Is Taking Advantage of Online University Education?

Data from a recent survey on adult education conducted by the U.S. Department of Education showed that adults with children under the age of 10 are among the fastest growing group of higher education participants. With adults trying to balance work and family life, an online university is a great option for those adults not afraid to go online for a college degree.

Knowledge Put in Practice

One of the major advantages adults will discover while pursuing an online college degree while still employed is how quickly knowledge gained through their online class can be put into practice. An online university student can learn something one evening and put their knowledge to work the very next day.

Online College Degree vs. Traditional College Degree

Perhaps one of the misconceptions about online college degree programs is that an online university degree isn’t as valuable as a traditional college degree. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you’ll find most online college degree programs exceed traditional programs in terms of ease of learning and faculty access. The only question that remains is which online college degree program is best for you?

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