Online Study And Technology – Clicking Along Well

The widespread use of Internet has revolutionized the very concept of learning. As the “online” mantra resounds in every mode of living – from businesses to social cause; the Indian education system too has sought the online space to reach the student community.

As distance education becomes the chosen route for mass higher education, the technology medium is getting well synchronized with distance learning programs ; providing ready accessibility, affordability and mass-reach.The online platform features a variety of options for students in the distance education space – transcending limitations of time and place. For example : UGC and DEC recognized Sikkim Mani pal University-Distance Education, uses Edu Nxt TM, an exquisite learning management system, which facilitates online learning through video lectures, live demos, self-assessment modules, soft -skills training etc. These learning management systems have ability to win many awards and, have been acclaimed by industry stalwarts and education experts. Through this interface, universities can bring in industry experts and academic exponents to give guidance to the students.

Technology helps students study at their pace and time. The platform provides an automatic guide-map and prescribed study schedule to all distance students for completion of the course on a day-to-day basis. This schedule gets update every time a student logs in to respective resources to be covered to complete the syllabus as well as the remaining number of days in the semester. For a working professional, technology brings in the added convenience of learning and earning at the same time. Farasat Hassan, Residence Engineer, Team Computers Pvt. Ltd an MSc IT student says, “With the help of one of such learning management system, I was able to complete my degree, while earning at the same time.

In addition, students derive the best of the University’s resources. It also makes the students job ready. It enables soft skill training which makes the learner more competent to face job-screening process.It also exceeds the boundaries of an Online Learning System by enabling Industry Interaction for students. This gives them a new perspective to their classroom learning’s and valuable insights into application of the same in the industry.

Deepa Singh
Business Developer
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