E learning is For Those Who Give up Unwillingly

The virtual atmosphere is created for comfort not for stressed, depression and anxiety (bullying & violence incidents in schools and colleges). It’s far away from the so called experienced & stress giving technologies or the world known as the traditional world. There are many theories have been written or printed on papers but the existence of papers is hanging in the air as the commencement of e-learning has set a goal to put obstacle away and send them high in the dark sky with no chance of meeting them again. The traditional form of learning is being recognized with faith, trust and establishment. However, the other form of learning (virtual learning) is supporting, those who are not feeling comfortable in the traditional world. The experienced printed material has found e-learning as a supporter to take the learning devotees on the high level to explore or pursuit the path of knowledge.

Whenever we see or take up any newspaper, news on violence and discrimination is always prepared to get on our head. The importance, value and usefulness need to be considered seriously in order to deal with the well raised stress giving problems. “When a question seeks for an answer then we realize the worth of the unanswered question. However, when we get the unanswered question answered, we take it effortlessly and do not try to focus with the same level of excitement as we do when a question remains unanswered or seeks for an answer”.

When we come across with such kind of head throbbing news, few people go very deep into it to get a proper solution but few people take it as “nothing would be done” however, we must not forget that every problem has a solution and the same goes for such anxiety giving incidents because the solution is e-learning. I would agree if you say it’s just an option. Yes indeed, it is but, students who are being bullied and have become a victim of the violence and bullying incidents for them e-learning have a special care. In other words, the arrival of e-learning has appropriately solved many problems for those who are living in the traditional world unwilling and continuously facing troubles. Most of the learning enthusiasts unwilling give up in the traditional atmosphere. But, I must say if you are one of those victims or associated with some stress giving news and want to get rid of it then e-learning is only for you.

Deepa Singh
Business Developer
Web Site:-http://www.gyapti.com
Blog:- http://gyapti.blogspot.com
Email Id:-deepa.singh@soarlogic.com


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