E-Learning Methodology of Learning And Teaching Online

The methodology of teaching is availing the benefits provided by one of the greatest invention still date, by using internet.We have made it possible by reaching out to students online and deliver the courses in the same way, as the courses are taught in any normal traditional class. Online, e-leaning software is used to interact with students, which enables the participants to join the Course and interact with the Teacher as well the other students.E-learning has appeared on a stage and has been accepted by the audience. E-learning is playing a vital role by putting audience in the comfortable zone where they can act according to the situation .

The students can view all the activities performed by Teacher, which can be by using Course Material and presentations, workings with the help of our e-learning Software, viewed in the same manner as the teacher used to post or reply on Questions. The students can discuss a query with the teacher and is seen by everyone present in the course and can ask for repeating a particular matter for clarification, viewed by everyone. The other features include using chat, if the participant wishes to share anything in writing with all the students and can also be assigned the authority of being the presenter in a session, if the main presenter feels, the participant has something valuable to be discussed with the entire audience.

The best thing is, one can view the videos of the lectures delivered, on our website, the next evening, in case anyone misses the class, for fulfilling other important obligations.This is the way you can avoid travelling and get the best at your home, saving time and money.Moreover, you get a chance to interact with the professionals at different levels in the industry, all around the world. I assure you, it will be a great learning experience, as rightly said knowledge is power and gain it wherever you get a chance to grab it, and here it is right at your doorstep.PIRON Education is a leading provider of learning management system and Content Development, based out of India and USA.

Deepa Singh
Business Developer
Web Site:-http://www.gyapti.com
Blog:- http://gyapti.blogspot.com
Email Id:-deepa.singh@soarlogic.com


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