Online Education On Your Boss’ Dime

Online Education Columnist

Distance learning programs can broaden your knowledge on a subject, make you more marketable in your field, and increase your confidence level at work, all with one degree or certificate. But those are only a few potential benefits of career training. A growing number of employers use online education programs as a way to train qualified employees. If you’re ready to get that degree or diploma, consider employers that will help finance your education.

Popular Career Training Program

Your employer is most likely to finance college courses that relate directly to your industry. While you may not be able to get that art degree as a network administrator, your MCP certification may be covered. Short-term certificate programs are particularly popular, due to their marketability and focused training.

Here are a few popular certifications, by industry:

  • Information Technology: MCP, A+, CCNA
  • Healthcare: CPhT, CNT, CPHQ
  • Human Resources: PHR, SPHR

Career training programs in health support, safety, hospitality, and homeland security are also available. Employers who are wary of committing to a four-year degree program may consider supporting you for a certification program that can be completed in months.

Become Marketable With Distance Education

Completing a career training program has multiple benefits for you and your employer. For your employer, a well-trained workforce usually means fewer hires and fires, more efficient production, and a higher degree of loyalty among employees. For you, it can mean a more challenging day at work, increased financial stability, and job security. No career training program can guarantee a particular career or salary, but graduates of popular certification programs often see the benefits in more than just their job title and paycheck.

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