Online Education: Advertising and Commercial Design

If you combine visual design skills with the ability to communicate a message, an online degree in advertising and commercial design could open up a rewarding career in advertising for you.Advertising serves a specific purpose, of course, but it also helps shape pop culture. If you want to add your design skills to that culture, a degree in advertising and commercial design can help you get started. You will probably need at least a bachelor’s degree, and may want to consider a master’s because this is a highly competitive field–with excellent compensation potential for people who succeed.

Fortunately, online degree programs can make those qualifications easier than ever to obtain. You don’t live anywhere near a college? Location and distance are not issues with and online degree. If you have family obligations at home, online education allows you to pursue a degree while you stay home to look after children, elderly parents, or anyone else who needs your care. What if you’re already working and can’t afford to give up your job. Online education is perfect for you because you can structure your academic schedule around your work schedule. You don’t have to give up your current career to start building toward a new one.

From Advertising Degree to Advertising Career

Once you earn advertising and commercial design degree, you can have a wider choice of career possibilities. Within advertising, you can choose to specialize in video, Internet, print, or radio media. Your role could be visual design, copy and concept development, sales, or management.Also, there are plenty of job opportunities outside of the advertising industry itself, as many mid-size to large companies employ their own in-house marketing staffs to develop promotional concepts, brand identities, web content, and the like.

With any educational program, be sure to check accreditation status before you enroll. By choosing the right advertising and commercial design program, you can position yourself for more and better job opportunities in the future.

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