E-Learning Teaches about a Cure Steeped in Tradition

Ever since my dad died of cancer, I’ve followed every cancer-fighting natural health idea that they’ve put out there. Today, as I sit with my cup of green tea, I feel pretty confident that I’m doing myself some good.

What Makes It So Special

Doctors of natural health and Western medicine are coming to a consensus about the health benefits of green tea. According to the National Cancer Institute, “The antioxidants found in tea–called catechins–may selectively inhibit the growth of cancer….In laboratory studies using animals, catechins … reduced the number and size of tumors, and inhibited the growth of cancer cells.” While human studies have been less dramatic, they still see great promise in the power of tea.

More Than One Way to Drink Your Tea

The big question, of course, is how much do you have to drink? Can my one cup of tea do all that? Well, no. Many of these studies are based on consuming massive doses found in green tea concentrates and capsules prescribed by natural health practitioners.

E-Learning: A Healthy Education Choice

E-learning programs can allow you the flexibility and time to conduct your own research on these issues as they evolve. While green tea may not be in most curricula yet,natural health degree programs can include a broad array of subject matter. You could focus on homeopathy, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, and other specializations. And with a home learning program, you can study from your house while sipping a steaming cup of sweet green tea.

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