Online Educational Leadership Studies

Individuals pursuing a degree in online educational leadership students will work to become a leader in the field of education. They will take advanced courses in curriculum development, financial management and public leadership, to name a few, and learn a variety of skills to use during their career. Many of these courses and programs are now offered in an online format. Courses included in online educational leadership studies will vary by school, but will generally be covered in three semesters and require a dissertation by the student. The types of classes that a student can expect to take include Education Policy and Politics, Learning Theories, Research Methodology, Analytical Methods, Ethical and Philosophical Issues in Leadership and Educational Psychological Issues. Through these and other courses, students will develop skills and traits to successfully work as an educational administrator. This includes leadership skills for both public and educational organizations, evaluation and assessment techniques, research skills, analysis techniques and interpersonal communication skills such as responding and listening.

There are hundreds of online educational leadership studies programs to choose from, as well as a number of programs available in traditional classrooms. These programs are located throughout the country and each one offers a slightly different curriculum and has different requirements for graduation. Students considering this type of continued education should take the time to research all options before choosing the program that best meets their needs.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for individuals who receive a degree in online educational leadership studies will be strong. This field will grow as quickly as student enrollment in schools, colleges and universities, which is expected to be a 12% increase over the next decade. This degree will be beneficial to individuals who are interested in working as upper level administrators such as superintendents in school districts or deans at a college or university. The competitive nature of jobs in this field is less than average when compared to other career options nationwide. Therefore, it is expected that students who graduate with this type of degree will not struggle to find a job as an education administrator. The average salary for this type of career is about $74,000. However, this number will fluctuate greatly depending on the job position, the type of educational institution, the location of the school, job experience and a variety of other factors. For example, college deans can expect to receive a salary of about $100,000.

Online educational leadership studies can be an easy way for individuals to complete a higher education program. These courses will focus on the principles and techniques for acting as an administrator at a wide variety of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. With this type of degree, a variety of career options are available that are usually classified into the two categories of student affairs and academic affairs. Student affairs includes positions in residence life, dormitory housing, student activities, leadership development, Greek organizations, commuter services and even study abroad programs. Academic affairs refers to positions within the classroom, such as academic advisers, career development, subject tutors and orientation services.

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