Continuing Online Education

Continuing online education provides a path to continued educational and professional development for professionals that have busy lives. Online continuing education courses make it possible to continually upgrade your skills and knowledge base with online medical billing courses. Reasons for continuing education are many, from the requirements of professional associations to the desire for better pay and job security. Continuing medical education courses are the way medical billing and coding professionals stay current with the latest advances and requirement of their profession. Now anyone with a computer and Internet connection can access the virtual classroom or other form of continuing online education, and choose from a wide variety of online medical billing courses designed to improve competency and expand the knowledge base. Online continuing education courses can be delivered in several ways.

They can be:

  • Delivered via CD’s
  • Streamed live over the Internet (the most popular)
  • Provided via website using flash or other graphics applications
  • Via podcasting or other similar audio technology
  • Online video tutorials
  • Downloaded video presentations in course modules

Although continuing online education can be delivered in a variety of electronic formats, there are two main forms of online learning that can be used to provide continuing medical education courses: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous is basically a live real time learning experience over the Internet, where a number of people interact with each other over a streaming video connection, lead by an instructor who presides over the virtual classroom. The downside to this method is lack of self pacing, however the immediate real-time feedback and social interaction of this form still works best for most people. This type of continuing online courses require a more powerful computer system with plenty of memory and a fast broadband Internet connection.

Asynchronous refers to the use of course materials instructors and other students using such methods as e-mail, message boards and forums, self-paced online programs, etc. The obvious disadvantage to this method is the lack of real time interaction and feedback from instructors and other students. The advantage is the ability to better manage study time at a pace that suits the individual and their busy schedules. This method also requires a less powerful computer system and Internet connection speed.

Continuing online courses are growing in number and popularity. Reasons for continuing education are in part that it has become so convenient and accessible! The quality of online continuing education courses such as online medical billing courses, is increasing as more mainstream accredited institutions provide instruction for the professional in need of a convenient and effective way to keep their education up to date.Thinking about a career in medical billing, coding, or transcription? Then visit my blog Medical Billing and Coding Online where you will find lots of good information about training for and becoming a medical information professional!

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