Online Education For A Degree Can Start With A Free Class

I happen to live in a state where the cost of a college degree is carefully regulated. One hour’s worth of education is worth $25; one class usually costs me about $75. Compared to the rest of the nation, this is an incredibly cheap tuition rate for college classes. However, even at that low rate, if I’m taking full-time courses, I’m paying thousands of dollars just for the chance to earn a college degree.

Most states don’t have any kind of regulation on the amount of money charged per credit hour at an academic institution. I’ve lived in states where I paid $225 for one class; I’ve lived in states where I’ve paid up to a whopping $500 for just one class. At those costs, the expenses of a college education adds up so quickly it almost seems impossible for our bank accounts to even try to keep up with us.

In fact, the ridiculous cost of a college education is often the exact factor that keeps students from starting or finishing their degree. With the benefits so far in the distant future that they hardly seem achievable, college looks like nothing more than a giant sinkhole for you to drown your money in. Why bother starting if you know you can’t afford it? Sometimes even if you’ve already started, trying to finish is an impossibility simply because it’s literally out of your budget. The solution for this problem would be to eliminate money. Or, even better, to make college classes cost absolutely nothing. Sound like some sort of magical fantasy land where everybody is able to afford the cost of a college degree? Well, let me let you in on a secret: that place actually exists.

The place where so many wonderful things can be found, including free college courses, is called the Internet. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can attend an online college course at absolutely no cost to you. That means no burden on your wallet, no moolah out of your bank account. The only thing you have to dedicate to this course is time and patience so that you can pass. The reason you’ll want to dedicate time to taking these courses is because they’re completely and fully transferable to a list of selected colleges of your choice. That’s right, not only do these classes not cost you anything, but it’s exactly like taking an online class at any college. All of the hard work is going to pay off by being one less class you have to take in order to earn your college degree!

The best part about taking these free online courses is that there are so many options for what class you get to take. You’re not stuck in one boring course that’s required so you don’t have to pay. No, there are actually a number of courses that you have the option of taking, from Introduction to Criminal Justice to Medical Terminology. There’s a course for every background and interest, so you can start your college degree learning about what excites you.

Deepa Singh
Business Developer
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