Online Teaching Classes for Increased Profit

Do online classes rescult in increased profits for the teacher? The increase is real. The reason for this increase, which at minimum doubles one’s income from teaching, is that the traditional courses usually span sixteen weeks, whereas the online classes last only seven and a half weeks. Further, as soon as a course is complete, a new course begins. Courses are taught back to back in the online system. Further, in online teaching, the instructor is supported by technology that increases the instructor’s productivity and hence more income.

Stress is reduced. One does not have to fight traffic jams or red lights to get from one school to the other. With the click of a mouse, an instructor can interact with students in Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans without leaving my home in Atlanta. Cross cultural interaction is the norm in online teaching. In online teaching, space and time are transcended. Since one does not have to physically travel or meet classes in real time, one saves money on clothes and cleaning bills. The online instructor can teach in pajamas. The instructor can travel to the Bahamas, go to the beach, and still keep up with her classes. To do this, all the teacher needs is a trusty laptop and a valid password. Thousands of online teaching jobs are available.

Most colleges indicate their need for online instructors in their web page. An instructor can go to Human Resources Dept and search for openings in their field. They must complete the forms for application, write a cover letter and include a copy of their. Because this is a numbers game they should send out batches of applications at a time. One must always have applications in the mail. If a school is interested in the instructor’s background, the teacher will be contacted by email or phone and a phone interview will follow. The phone interview will cover the instructor’s philosophy of education, current schedules, technical skills and content field. Once complete, the next step will be to go through training so one can learn the platform and how to navigate it. This may last two to three weeks. When this is complete, you will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will guide the instructor in initial classes, providing feedback and support.

As new instructors go through a learning curve, they will begin to be paid biweekly. Usually, this money is deposited directly into their checking or savings account, all of which must set up in advance. Once one masters the platform and basic navigation techniques, she will find her speed of performance move forward in quantum leaps. This translates to more money per unit time. Moreover, once one gains one system, trainings in alternate systems become easier to learn. Many online instructors make sixty to a hundred thousand per year. They do this by teaching two to three courses for several colleges. This would not be possible logistically if one were to attempt such a schedule on the ground.

Being able to electronically move about the globe gives online instruction a huge advantage over the traditional system of working in real space and time. Real space and time means the instructor will physically show up in a particular classroom at a particular time and according to a definite schedule. In online instruction, the instructor communicates with students who live in different states, even other countries. Their presence is usually indicated textually and sometimes visually by SKYPE. Emphasis in the online mode is placed on process. The instructor does not have to create lesson plans; they are created for the students and the instructor. The curriculum is already designed when the instructor signs on. Moreover, in the online mode, the instructor does not have to use quality time by calling attendance.

Attendance is recorded when the student signs in. In addition, the instructor does not have to stop the major flow of instruction to provide tutoring for a student who has fallen behind. Tutorials on grammar, basic concepts, on how to format papers, on how to avoid plagiarism and to check for it using and APA rules are explained for those who need extra support. All of these features contribute to saving time, which translates into increasing productivity and more money per unit time. Online teaching offers features which not only make teaching easier; it makes teaching more profitable than traditional instruction. It is only necessary to develop proficiency with the navigation system used by major colleges, such as blackboard and e-college. Sometimes the school or company will require their own platform, but if you will note, these systems bear a close resemblance to the mainstream navigation systems.

Deepa Singh
Business Developer
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