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When the students need to crack the examination under immense pressure and when they are stuck in the middle of their course of studies, then online study packages provide them with the necessary study material that they look for. Online study has brought a revolution in the traditional pedagogical system. This particular learning pattern acts as a medium where technology blends with education. All these online educational systems are based on the NCERT curriculum, which are imparted through the use of modern technology in the ICT space such as an interactive board. With rich online material offerings as eLearning modules, study packages, and online test facility to name a few, these websites help in creating an interactive ecosystem where students can learn more effectively and efficiently with fun and ease.

There has always been a common sight in the traditional schools context, i.e. home assignments given in the schools tend to overburden the students. With their parents found mostly busy, the kids cannot expect any help from them either to cope with this growing study pressure. In such a situation, almost 90% of the kids think of only one thing, which is to have 24*7 teaching aid to get them rid of their worries.  And there comes the imperative solution to all these problems in the form of highly cooperative Online Study Packages.

It has been observed that due to high aspirations and competitive pressure of studies, even in the poor families parents send their children for private tuitions so that they do not lag behind. But with the innovation of eLearning medium and its’ exclusive products, it has become easier to live all the unexpected dreams now. Through its’ countless online study packages as Annual Study Packages or complete Course Study Packages, which in such a case acts as a tool to replace these private tuitions, these provide students with the additional facility of online subject experts to solve their innumerable queries apart from the varied relevant study materials.

These study packages offer live virtual classes, wherein the students can get the answer to all their subject-related questions by the subject experts via text chat or video chat. And it actually gives a feel of a real classroom right within the periphery of their homes. A complete course study package or an annual study package is one such online study package, which helps the student to do an online self-assessment on the entire syllabus. A relief for many, here students use it to the maximum by interacting with other students as well as the subject experts, subsequently solving their subject issues. They can even raise questions or topics for discussions, ask and explore plenty of new things through the web.

The best thing about these study packages is that a student has to pay just once in a year, which allows him unlimited access to the study materials…and which he can study anywhere, anytime without the constraint of time. And what more can one ask for when it is almost like a school at home. All these online study packages come with assorted features like Smart Learning Modules, which gives a visual, graphical and concise presentation of each chapter. The packages even have Online test facility, which help the students do a self-assessment, thus, giving a complete analysis of the student’s performance. Apart from these, solved board papers, model test papers, chapter wise question papers, etc. also feature in the offerings.

The study packages also come handy for students studying at home during the school vacations when they are generally overburdened with homework and assignments. They act as a summer school, which helps in engaging them completely with their studies, providing effective fun while learning at home without leaving any scope to struggle with the boring textbooks. Therefore, in nutshell, we can say that this kind of interactive learning system is led with only one aim, i.e. to help students learn smartly, effectively and efficiently.And you can experience this difference yourself when learning from the traditional learning methods and the online study packages are concerned.

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