AERA now includes Computing Education Research

The American Educational Research Association is the main organization for supporting education research in the United States. Thanks to the hard work of Mitch Nathan, they now have a forum for computing education research at their annual meeting! Below is his email announcement:


I want to alert you to a new section in AREA (American Educational Research Association) Division C, Section 1e: Engineering and Computer Science. This is the result of many months of negotiation and represents a great advance for research in engineering education and computer science education.

I have three requests:

  1. Most immediately, please consider volunteering as a scholarly reviewer for this new section. The quality of the research that will emerge from this Section is a direct function of the quality and efforts of our review team;
  2. Please share the announcement widely that there is now a new, highly regarded outlet for research in engineering education, computing education and STEM more broadly; and finally,
  3. please consider submitting your high-quality research to this section. AREA is the largest education research organization in the world and the annual meeting is among the most prestigious. All papers are peer reviewed, the Association hosts an online archive for accepted papers that is highly trafficked regardless of the presentation format (talk, poster, round table discussion, and a variety of interactive formats), and authors retain copyright to their work and the freedom to submit this work for future publication, so long as AREA is the first place this work appears.

Deepa Singh
Business Developer
Web Site:-


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